Mystical Meditations

Mystical Meditations are the exploration of human senses and potential.

Mystical meditations explore the aura, the subtle energy fields, and the quantum layers of this universe. 

What we do is use processes (meditation, movement, etc) that awaken our senses.

Awakening senses will also awaken our abilities and potentials.

Human awareness and potential is not fully realized. The human brain filters out most of our sense awareness. By selectively increasing our sense awareness of the human energy field, we are able to better connect with each other and to become more present to each other.

The Meditations

By using the techniques/tools of:

Along with: 

We can increase our sense awareness and sense ability. We will be able to help heal each other, open ourselves up to greater presence, health, energy, and ability. We will be able to touch deeper, and higher, levels with our loved ones. 

Various processes are done:

The processes are designed to:

This may also encourage:

The meditations can be done with Partners or in Groups, These groupings have a different focus.

The Style

This style of meditations could be described as Tantric. Tantric means that it is inclusive of sense acceptance. This means that we explore the full range of humans sense perception.
This is in opposition to asceticism. Asceticism is sense denial. Asceticism is; however, the common theme of most western religions.  
Society is a little mixed up accepting sense denial along side the sense saturation of modern society.

We seek to understand human sense ability. To be aware of it. To use it. But not to be a slave to it or overwhelmed by it. 

The Basics

Energy Centers (Chakras)

There are different systems describing the energy centers associated with the human body. 

Different systems count from one, two, five, seven, and 14 energy centers (usually called chakras).

This apparent conflict is not a conflict. These different systems are just describing different layers of the energy system. 

The one and two energy centers are not called chakras. The one energy center is the Tan Dien. This is located in the belly and called the seat of our energy or center of our power. 

Some people recognize a counterpart to this center located in the chest, referred to as the center of our soul.

The seven Chakra system is the most commonly recognized system with the chakras consisting of the root, pelvis, solar plexis, heart, throat, third eye, crown.

The five chakra system is looking a little deeper where some of these seven join together. The five chakra system combines the root and pelvis together. And it combines the third eye and the crown together. 

The fourteen chakra system is looking a further out than the seven chakra system, looking at front and back chakras separately, and including some additional chakras, including the spleen chakra which is the first one off the midline of the body. 

There are many, many chakras as we look further out or further into subdivision. the tips of our fingers have chakras, as as our eyes, as well as joints, and many other places. 


The aura is the subtle energy field the surrounds and envelopes the body. The chakras are embedded deep in the aura. And the Aura comes with with layers, commonly described as having up to seven layers. 

The chakra layers start with a template of the body and expand outwards from there. Chakra layers may be seen or felt a couple inches from the body, a couple feet, or many feet. 

The expansiveness of the chakra layers can change in time with mood, energy level and other factors. An expanded aura is considered to be large healthy energy. 

The aura can be either seen or felt depending on your ability to sense. 


How many senses do we have? We generally acknowledge that we have five senses; touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. 

We don't seem to use these five senses to the full extent of their ability. If we extend these senses beyond their normal accepted limits, we call it extra sensory perception, but it is only using these senses more fully. 

We can learn to extend our senses to touch the subtle reality and not just the physical manifest reality. We can touch the chakras and auras. We can see chakras and auras.

Touch: We can touch the physical reality around us. We can learn to touch the subtle energies of people and objects. We can learn to touch the subtle energies at a distance.

Sight: Sight (Insight) has a good variety of ability styles. People can see aruas, chakras, future events, remote vewing, angels, other entities, etc.

Taste: Expansion on the sense of taste includes being able to taste if something is healthy or wholesome. 

Smell: We are able to smell many things that probably could not be detected by chemical instrumentation. The smells would give informationabout the person or place associated with the smell. 

Hearing: People can hear voices or other information. Ideally, this information or voices would come with some sense of where it comes from (e.g. self, higher entities, lower entities).


The Events

The Mystical Meditation events are held on a roughly every 6 weeks. They are held in Southern California; primarily in the Los Angeles area or Joshua Tree Area.

The Mailing List

To be alerted of upcoming events, send an email to with Mystical Meditations in the Subject Line.


"Exhalted! "
H.H., Los Angeles

"an amazingly sweet sensual time"
L.Z., Los Angeles

"You led us through an amazing process."
E.B., Los Angeles

"It's the best thing next to sex, without out actually having sex."
L.M., Orange County, June 6, 2008

"The sound of your voice was the portal thru which I passed again and again to find that place of 'NO THOUGHTS'. Maharishi often called it 'UNBOUNDED AWARENESS'. Then, returning to duality, I would hear your voice, recognize myself, feel the group energy and repeat the sequence. It was a glorious ride!"
K.T., Joshua Tree, 2008.